‘Socialnomics’: a big great strategy for health

Social media es increasingly revealing as a perfect channel for outbreaks reporting and communication. This is saving thousands of lives, specially in continents like Africa or some parts of Asia where health sytems don’t have the capacity to reach at all population.

The social media revolution has recovered the social and realtional meaning of the healing process. But also for the prevention one. Although it seesm that patients are citizens are able to catch this earlier than many health authothirities and politicians.While people want to know, sahre and grow they insist in interrupting and drive events to where they can get the most profit.

An example is the study of Columbia University School of Nursing that has revealed that HIV prevention tips spread through video games, text messages, chat rooms, and social media have been linked to less risky sexual behavior and more HIV testing among gay and bisexual men.

Many other examples could be found. For example the last conversations around Ebola outbreak bteween doctors perfectly reported by Creation Healthcare

In general, healthcare is one of the areas much affected by the social revolution as this outstanding statistics demosntrate.

Unfortunately many of these things are still a desire in the Soaish market but this does not mean it is not already happening. The only matter is that it evolves far from the official channels and the public initiatives.

A brand new future is already here and I invite you all to enjoy it !

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