Europe as THE place for digital health investments

health20eu-2014An investors’ forum on How do we make Europe the next best place for digital health investments will kick off the 5th Health 2.0 Annual Europe Conference. The investors session will include short presentations from 12 investment-ready SMEs in the GET Funded programme.


I will have the pleasure to join health entrepreneurs & startups, providers, patients, pharma groups and policy-makers representing over 30 countries at the Mermaid Center in London.

Among other exciting activities, I will be able to meet, interchange experiences and learn in a full set of activities that the organizers, Pascal Lardier (@pascal_lardier) and Paul Batherham (@Paul Batterham) have prepared. Some of them are:

1. Keynotes from

  • Kemal MALIK, Head of Innovation at Bayer (Germany)
  • Tim KELSEY, Director of Patient and Information at NHS England (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Jack COCHRAN, Executive Director at The Permanente Foundation/Kaiser Permanente (USA)
  • Uwe DIEGEL, President at IHealthLabs Europe (France)

2. Demos of solutions that will include health taboos such as stress, depression, substance abuse, death and feature speakers from:

  • Big White Wall – Jen HYATT (United Kingdom)
  • CareZapp – Andrew MACFARLANE (Ireland)
  • Paper – Rupert TEBB (United Kingdom)
  • DeadSocial – James NORRIS (United Kingdom)
  • MyDirectives – Jonathon CARR-BROWN (United Kingdom)
  • Newolo – Philippe SANTRAINE (Finland)

3. A workshop: Beyond Gamification, Designing Behaviour Change facilitated by renowned design expert Dustin DiTOMMASO, VP of Experience Design at Mad*Pow

4. A session focusing on Health 2.0 Accelerating Medical R&D including demos of solutions such as PXHealthcare, F1000, TrialReach and Lumos!

7. A special track session on Wellness chaired by HealthSPA chairman Christian Lindholm, also featuring demos from EmotionSense, Nutrino, BigHealth, Remente, and Wellmo.

The organizers have previewed an area dedicated to live demos of technologies covering key health topics such as:

  • Tools for Hospitals and Providers
  • Supporting and Empowering Patients in between Doctors’ Visits
  • Health 2.0 for Kids and the Elderly
  • Citizen-Led Digital Health & Well-Being
  • Addictions, Mental Health,and other SHHH Topics…

And many more!

Register online today and join over 450 innovators in London on Nov. 10-12

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